Checkpoint Tools for PPC

Checkpoint Tools is a suite of PPC process and workflow tools utilizing standard Microsoft® Word and Excel products. They are accessible from the PPC Accounting & Auditing Practice area and the Federal Practice area.

PPC's Practice Aids™ - Editable Word and Excel versions of all of the practice aids in the related PPC Guide or Tax Deskbook - about 100+ documents for each title.

PPC's SMART Practice Aids™ - Innovative tools bring advanced functionality to your licensed e-Practice Aid products. Use these tools to automate significant audit processes, such as planning and risk assessment, optimize auditor judgments, increase audit effectiveness, and increase consistency across audit engagements.

PPC's Workpapers™ - Additional workpapers not available in the PPC Guides or Tax Deskbooks. The Excel-based templates have advanced diagnostics, dynamically changing content, and more automation.

PPC's Interactive Disclosure Libraries™- Excel versions of PPC's popular Disclosure Checklists, linked to Word-based examples for each required disclosure. Hundreds of example disclosures to choose from enable you to find just the right one.

PPC's Engagement Letter Generator™ - A Word-based application that covers all the common audit, attest, compilation, review, tax, and consulting engagements in a single product. Automated tools help you quickly tailor the letters to your engagement and format them for printing.

To access Checkpoint Tools for PPC:

  1. Click the Tools tab. 
    Note: Checkpoint Tools for PPC can also be accessed from both the Accounting, Audit & Corporate Finance and Federal Practice areas in the Research tab by clicking the PPC Install/Update link under the Go to section on the left menu.
  1. Click the  PPC Install/Update link in the left side bar.
  1. Click the Install/Update button to access and install Checkpoint Tools for PPC.
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