Speedlink provides you with access to key features of Checkpoint in one easy to use tool. It makes searching for information faster by bypassing the need to login each time you want to perform a search or move to a related area. Speedlink resides in your desktop System Tray for convenient access.


Downloading Speedlink

To download Speedlink:

  1. Navigate through your browser to http://ria.thomsonreuters.com/ speedlink.
  1. Click the Download Speedlink hyperlink.

Note: You must input your user name and password when launching Speedlink for the first time.

Using Speedlink

Click the Speedlink task system icon. Speedlink will launch into your default browser. The Speedlink window contains a range of search tools and quick links to Checkpoint content. The features and tools available to you in Speedlink are subscription sensitive. Some of the tools available include:

Clicking the Go to Checkpoint link will open the Checkpoint login screen.

Each tool is displayed in a separate pane inside the window. These panes can be organized and arranged in any configuration you desire. Simply left click the pane's title bar and drag it to the new position:





To change your Checkpoint login information, right-click the Speedlink system tray icon and select Preferences. This information is required to be able to access Speedlink.



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