Logging in to Checkpoint Mobile

  1. Launch your mobile browser and enter the Checkpoint mobile address in the browser location bar:


    The Checkpoint Mobile login screen appears.

    Note: Bookmark this page or add it to your Favorites so you will not have to retype the URL every time you want to access Checkpoint.

  2. Enter your User Name and Password, and then click Login.

    To save your login information select the Remember Me check box. You will not be prompted to enter your User Name and Password on future Checkpoint sessions.

Ending a Session Remotely

Checkpoint does not permit multiple logins with the same User ID. If you are logged into Checkpoint on another machine or browser and attempt to login, Checkpoint will provide an option for you to close the original session and continue the login process.

Retrieving a User Name or Password

If you don't know your Checkpoint User Name or Password, select the one of the recovery links from the Login screen and follow the onscreen instructions to retrieve the information.

Note: You must have a valid e-mail address saved in your Checkpoint options to use these features.